Calcium Fluoride Powder / Fluorspar (CaF2)

Mongolia fluorspar powder
Gobishoo - Producing Acid Grade fluorspar powder 97%+ Fluorspar Processing plant

Calcium Fluoride Powder / Fluorspar (CaF2)

The Chemical Composition of calcium carbonate 3 is between 0.4 to 0.6
Our products meet the quality standards of SGS, ISO, and all other countries, both domestically and internationally.
We are pleased to announce that the fluorspar concentrate with a Calcium fluoride content of ninety-seven percent above, If you would like more technical information and quotes please contact us at the following links. We look forward to long-term sustainable cooperation with companies.

Calcium Fluoride Powder / Fluorspar (CaF2)
Calcium Fluoride Powder
Physical Properties of CaF2
Various screen mesh sizing down to superfine powder

Chemical Properties of Fluorspar Typical Currently, Gobishoo fluorspar processing  plant produces 97%+ powder and 2,000 tons of powder per month

If you really want fluorspar lump, we can prepare it according to your order, if you specify the price you want to buy from us and quantity as well.

Export ports location

• DAF Erlian Mongolian –Chinese Railway Border • DAF Naushki, Mongolian –Russian Railway Border.

Package:  1-tonne big bag

The container is very expensive to use, so the unit price may increase with the price. 

Therefore, we recommend that you receive the shipment from the Erlian port and do it yourself within China.

As a third country outside of China that we buy from, I think it is right for you to control the Erlian port very responsibly.

Many companies bought it from the World. The name will not be disclosed due to company confidentiality.

We are proud to mention our fluorspar powder; Fluorite metallurgical grade quality is higher than others fit into the world standard.

Fluorspar Powder | Lumps Suppliers In Mongolia
Metallurgical Grades Available: CaF2 98.0 CaCO3 between 0.4 to 0.6 SiO2 <0.01 BaO 0.24 Fe 0.10 K2O 0.02 P 0.20 Pb <0.01 S 0.07
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