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What are the best Fluorspar Powder & Lumps suppliers In Mongolia?

Fluorspar Is Recognised As A Strategic Mineral By The United States Of America And The European Union And Is Mined For The Production Of Calcium Fluoride (CaF2).
“Gobishoo” Co., Ltd Is The Leading Fluorspar Mining And Processing Company In Mongolia We are the longest-standing international mining & exploration company in Mongolia with a Mongolia focused team and a strong social license to operate.  We believe in long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Downstream Products

Calcium fluoride is a vital component in several industrial applications, including steel production. It is also used to make hydrogen fluoride (AHF) which, in turn, is used in the production of refrigerants and to make aluminium trifluoride (AlF3), critical in aluminium smelting; uranium fluoride (UF6), used in nuclear power stations; and lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6), used to make the electrolyte for lithium batteries.

Fluorspar Powder | Lumps Suppliers In Mongolia
Fluorspar Powder | Lumps Suppliers In Mongolia

Other applications further downstream are:

  • refrigerants
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • plastics
  • healthcare equipment
  • construction materials
  • electronic and electrical equipment
  • motor vehicles
  • pharmaceuticals
  • fluorochemicals


Biggest players | Fluorspar suppliers

Fluorspar is a valuable commodity, with a global market value of approximately US$2 billion and an annual demand of 6Mt per annum. The outlook for global demand growth for acid grade fluorspar in the long term remains positive and will exceed global GDP growth of 2.6% per annum over the next 10 years.

Countries like China and Mexico, Pakistan are the leading global producers and produce about 70 to 80% of the total production output. China and Europe are also the largest global consumers with an estimated 20% of consumption. Mongolia is known to have the largest fluorspar reserves globally, and the export market is primarily to China for hydrogen fluoride beneficiation and the production of aluminium fluoride.

Gobishoo LLC Mining (Fluorspar)

Fluorspar production in South Africa

Gobishoo LLC combines an excellent local team, a unique mineral deposit Gobi Shoo LLC. Mongolian Leading FLUORSPAR Mining And Processing Private Entity, With 15 Years Of Mining Experience. The result is Gobishoo Mining Company the main (frequently the only) Mongolian producer of this mineral, and one of the largest in the World, with a growing production capacity (currently, 100,000 tonnes) of acid grade fluorspar and metallurgical grades in various formats. Both floatation and gravitation processing methods are allowing us to reduce water usage to below industry average, thus enhancing our decade long responsible mining practice. 

Gobishoo CO.,Ltd Fluorite Processing Plants​

Gobishoo LLC Was Founded In 2005, With 100% Percent Ownership Of Mongolian Citizen Ch.Ganbaatar.
“Gobishoo” Co., Ltd Approved By Foreign Trade And Economic Cooperation Department, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, That Has The Authorization Of Dealing With Import & Export, To Carry Trade Abroad In Line With Domestic General Business Activities. 

We keep our full-year operation with 200 full-time employees and 30 local and international suppliers. We have a full professional employment base, which consists of 16 mining and geological engineers, a management team of 6, and others. All necessary infrastructures such as social infrastructure, camp, electricity, and communication are in place at Shine Us mine.
Gobi shoo LLC Mongolian leading FLUORSPAR mining and processing private entity

Laikhan.n sales manager


Our Fluorspar Processing Plant at the mine site has an annual processing capacity of 100,000 tonnes of raw fluorspar infeed. Both floatation and gravitation processing methods are allowing us to reduce water usage to below industry average, thus enhancing our decade long responsible mining practice. The strategic location of Shine Us mine allows us to mine and process products at the same location.

The vital international freight terminal “Choir” is located 100 kilometres away from our mine, which enables us to access the sole international railway route in Mongolia. Our mining license covers around 150 hectares area and FPP produces acid grade (FF-98) and metallurgical grade (FK 85-90) Fluorspar concentrates.


Calcium fluorite is the main ingredient of fluorspar or fluorite, the chemical formula is CaF2, it is a colourless cubic crystal or white powder. 


CaF2 10mm-30mm, 30-50mm, < 10mm, 0.1-0.8mm 80%-85%, CaF2, Calcium Fluorite CaCO3 10,000 tonnes ore has been tasted.


Metallurgical Fluorite 90%+ lump and fluorspar granular from 80%-98%, High purity of CAF2 95% Fluorspar lump For Steel Furnace Calcium fluoride.

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